favorite finds

1.  Saturday morning runs at Peace valley park – 10 months ago, I finally broke through and embraced running (I’ll blog about the experience at some point).  My favorite place to run is on the beach. In California.  It’s just calming and beautiful.  But, since California is 3000 miles away, peace valley will have to do.  It’s a pretty sweet compromise.  I love the view. The people.  The adorable dogs that surround the paths on Saturday morning.  I almost enjoy getting up on Saturday mornings knowing I’m headed there.

2.  William Sonoma soap – My mother in law turned me to these about 2 years ago.  I’m obsessed.  It’s like Bath and Body works for adults.  Plus, I feel so sophisticated when I shop there.

3.  Bright pants – I bought my first pair of bright yellow pants 4 years ago.  I sport them all the time, and thank god that bright pants are “in” now, because I don’t get as many funny looks anymore.  Most people consider mint green or cobalt blue bright.  I’ll stick to neon pink and yellow.  Yes please.

4.  River Monsters on the animal planet.  J and I are obsessed.

5.  I’m jumping on the candy crush bandwagon too.  Especially once I heard Sharon was on board too.  Cannot stop playing.

6.  4th of july is next week.  At first glance, a holiday on a Thursday stinks.  But wait.  This means I have to work 3 days, take one vacation day and get 4 days off? Amazing.

– shirley

ps – I am going to embrace using a camera as we start  this blog.  The last time I bought a camera was 10 years ago.  Good thing J is a great photographer, plus his camera and lenses is worth enough for the both of us.  But anywho, that’s why there’s no pictures here.  I swear I will start carrying a real camera around so I can post (large, pretty) pictures with my posts.


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