CSA roundup: week 7

csa wek7
Let’s talk first about last week’s veggies and meals.  I had two nights of plans for dinner out during the week, pretty unusual for me.  So, not so hot in terms of using the vegetables. or cooking meals.  or eating healthy. Margaritas and quesadillas with friends is funner.

I did use the lettuce and the radishes in a salad that we ate all week long.  The kale and the zucchini were used in a meal I posted about.  The cilantro and onion went into Thursday’s dinner, which will be posted shortly.  That leaves me with fennel and beets (shocking).  I plan to caramelize the fennel for a dinner side and make a slaw with the beets.

Onto this week!  This share ruled and I am so excited to cook with it.  I picked up the share, so it might seem like more volume because it was then split in two.

1 bag fava beans
1 bag mixed summer squash
1 bunch orange carrots
1 bunch red beets
1 head white cauliflower
1 head green cabbage
1 head broccoli
1 bag pickling cucumbers

My coworker and I split the goods, but he got the broccoli and green cabbage.  Here’s the plan for the veggies:

I am super excited to make some pickles with the cucumbers.  My grandmother used to make pickles from scratch and to this day I rarely eat pickles, because they are just not as good.  So, standards are high!

The cauliflower will be used in either latkes or just sauted.  I loooove cauliflower so I am stoked to have some this week.

We’ll see about the beet.  About 2 months ago, J and I made juice with beets like we do many times.  Except we used wayyyy too much beets and we both got sick.  So, this will be the first time we’ll have beets in the house in a while.  We might never be able to eat them again.  Hopefully not, since they are tasty.  And super healthy.  It’ll likely be a simple preparation like in a salad or with some olive oil.

The fava beans and spring squash are fairly new veggies to me.  I don’t typically cook with them.  I plan on using them in a sauté as a side for dinner this week.  The carrots might have the same plan, but I may also caramelize them with some raisins and sugar, a thanksgiving recipe my mom always makes.

And, that’s the roundup.  Happy weekend and happy cooking people!



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