favorite finds

1. California.  With all the rain that we’ve been getting here in the Northeast, it’s got me thinking about how much I miss California.  Shirley’s wedding (ahh!) was in southern California only a few weeks ago.  It was breathtaking – warm weather, friendly people, great food, and so much fun.  Just what this website is all about!  I can’t wait to take a trip down again.

2. Speaking of California!  Shirley introduced me to the California Pizza Kitchen earlier this year.  It’s a great date night restaurant.  K and I like to go there when we’re too lazy to cook, but don’t want to go somewhere fancy.  Even cooler?  They’re having this promotion right now where you get these cards and get at least 10% off of each meal.  Only problem is I think our waiter went a little bit overboard with the cards.  We have 2 weeks to use up 6 cards?!  Settle down, CPK!

3.  Living by the Jersey Shore, K and I have plenty of options for beaches and shore points.  But to be honest, most of them are pretty, well, ehh.  Casinos are not my thing, and neither is sitting on a beach where I feel like I’m a sardine in a sardine can.  My manager at work recommended that I check out his hometown, Avalon.  What a lovely place!  We walked around the quiet town and ate some delicious fresh food.  Then we walked a couple blocks down to the beach and got some sun for a couple hours.  It was just what we needed!

4.  This recipe from How Sweet It Is.  I’ve been looking at this food blog on a daily basis for several years now.  I fee like I bookmark at least one of her recipes every week.  And these sweet potato burgers from her 4th of July rundown post this week was this week’s pick.  Can’t wait to make this.

5.  My nails… again!  With the 4th of July coming up, I had to get into the holiday mood!  I’m officially ready for BBQ and fireworks.

– Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!


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