CSA roundup: week 8

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I spent it up in the Poconos with family and friends and had a blast! Nothing like 4 days of boating, tubing, fire making, and of course s’more (amongst many other goodies) eating.  But the real world is calling, and I’ll be back to work too soon.

csa wk8

Last week was a good week.  I pretty much cleared up the fridge of the vegetables.  The beets and carrots (and chiogga beets and fennel from the week before) went into a grown up hot dog meal I made.  Spoiler alert – that post is coming this week.

I made latkes (duh!) with the cauliflower.

The fava beans went into an Asian style soup.  I think it was the first time I had fresh fava beans and I really enjoyed the earthy flavor

Oh!  I almost forgot the most exciting part of last week’s share.  Guys, I made pickles.  They tasted LEGIT.  Like, grandma legit.  I tasted them after about 4 days in a jar, so I’m going to let them sit over the long weekend to continue to…umm…pickle?  Recipe will be coming, and I am super excited about them.

And, this week, I’ve got:

2 slicing cucumbers
4 green zucchini
1 bag white cucumbers
1 bunch red onions
1 bunch sweet basil
1 bag red potatoes
1 bulb fennel
1 bag pattypan squash

I’ll be making pesto with the basil.  It’s definitely a family favorite. I’m excited to have pesto on hand and will probably use it as pasta sauce this week.

Some of the items are pretty standard: the red onions get used all week long for the basis for anything we sauté, just like garlic. The cucumbers are perfect for our weekly salad. The red potatoes will probably end up in a weekend breakfast, or roasted in the oven as a side for dinner.

The zucchini will either be roasted or will be made into a latkes (I swear we don’t usually eat these on a weekly basis at my house!).

I am not sure about the white cucumbers.  I think I’ll wait to taste one to see if it’s better fitted for pickling or for a salad.

And the pattypan squash is definitely a new one for me!  Based on the internet, it looks like its popular to stuff them.  We’re not big fans of squash so it’ll definitely be an experiment. Right now I’m leaning towards stuffing them with spinach and chicken.  Thank you Pinterest!

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