favorite finds

1.  Dexter is back!  I dont watch a lot of quality tv.  Typically I watch shows while multitasking (watching the next food network star right now), so the quality is fairly low – I’m definitely not all there.  But Dexter is one of our Sunday night favorites, and although I’m ready for it to pick up a bit, it’s great to have a Sunday night tv show again.

2. Organix macadamia oil conditioner.  I’m definitely a shampoo and conditioner snob.  Only certain brands keep my hair  straight without too much effort.  Effort means time in the morning, which I like to minimize.  This stuff smells great, and I took a chance on it and this stuff is amazing.  And its wayyyy cheaper than the salon stuff I usually buy.  Win.

shampoo Organix

3. Everything at Lululemon.  Sometimes I am not crazy about their style, but their new line is amazing.  I want it all. too bad I can’t justify a $86 long sleeve shirt.

4.  The fact that my sad little garden is growing!  I got a late start this year because I was gone the majority of May. So no vegetables this year.  But, my basil is growing like crazy and I’ll be making basil with it so soon!

5. With being out of town all weekend, we did some general grocery shopping this week and skipped trader joe’s.  I am such a trader joe’s snob because I’m having withdrawals like crazy.  I can’t even eat cereal because the coconut milk we got tastes different. Spoiler alert…a favorite finds: trader joe’s style is coming.


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