CSA roundup: week 9

csa wk9

I can definitely tell that I’ve gotten used to making the most with my share each week.  It was another week where using the share’s contents in meals came naturally to me (with a little inspiration from Pinterest of course).

The cucumbers (both regular and half the whites) went into a salad.  The other half of the whites are pickling in the fridge – after the success of the regular cucumbers becoming pickles, I’m excited to try these in a couple days.

The red onions got used all week when prepping dinner.

I made some great pesto with the basil, and used the pesto to make a chicken pesto cream sauce for some spaghetti squash we had on hand.  Recipe is coming!

The fennel was one of the ingredients I used when I made stuffed pattypan squash (with chicken and bok choy).  Recipe is also coming and I couldn’t believe how good this came out.

And lastly, most of the zucchini and potatoes went into a gratin.  It was a great side dish to the stuffed squash.  I’ll share my gratin recipe soon, since I loved how creamy it was (without a ton of butter and no cream!)

This week, my coworker picked up the share this week.  So this is what he handed over to me:

1 cucumber
1 bunch swiss chard
1 bunch basil
3 ears corn
1 head cauliflower

J loves cauliflower latkes, so I’ll be sure to make those.

The cucumber is huge and will be added to a salad.

The corn will probably get steamed and become a side to a fun bbq dinner this week, with leftovers ending up in the salad.

The chard will probably be sauted and used in place of spinach or another green.

And, I’m planning on making another batch of pesto and freezing it for when vegetables and herbs aren’t so plentyful in a few months.

Definitely a simple week for these veggies, but I’ll be welcoming (and searching) for some inspirations to take some of these vegetables up a notch.


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