csa roundup: week 10

csa wk10
Happy happy weekend!  When I saw the list for this week’s share contents, I got sooo excited. TOMATOES!!  I’ve been patiently awaiting the tomatoes.  I love the taste of local, organic tomatoes.  Plus they are soo plentiful this time, that it will continue to make its appearance in the basket.  I am excited to use some of this surplus to make tomato sauce.  Just like the pesto, I’ll be freezing the sauce and using it during the fall and winter.

This week, the share included,

1 bunch purple potatoes
1 bag orange carrots
1 bunch green kale
1 bag red tomatoes
3 yellow pattypan squash

I am thinking of using the tomatoes in a very fresh and summer-y way.  Maybe in a caprese salad.  I’d like to really get to enjoy the fresh flavor of the tomatoes and that might work out well.  With any leftover, I’m thinking that I’ll make salsa.

My mom used to make a sweet caramelized carrot side dish that I am going to try to replicate with the carrots.

Not sure about the squash, although I’m torn between doing the stuffed squash since they were such a hit and just trying something new altogether.

I’ve never used purple potatoes, so I am excited about those as well.  I think they would look so pretty in a gratin.

And the kale….oh kale.  The one part of the basket I could do without.  We’ll see about that guy.

And a quick check on last week….

The basil went into another batch of pesto.

The cauliflower and the chard went into a completely new experiment.  It was flipping amazing.  A few months ago I saw on interest pure-ing cauliflower into an Alfredo sauce.  It worked.  I was actually surprised at how well it came out.  It was basically cooked cauliflower, with a tablespoon of butter.  It did thicken up a little too much, so next time I’ll probably add a tad of chicken stock.  I sautéed the chard with some bacon and added to the sauce, and we had it over some pasta.  Definitely a new way to use these veggies and it was a success.

The cucumbers went into the giant weekly salad.

And we ate the corn along side  pesto grilled chicken sandwiches.  It was a perfect summer dinner.

– Veggie on,


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