favorite finds: trader joe’s

I think I’ve mentioned it before.  I’m a trader joe’s snob.  We’ve been doing our weekly grocery shopping there for a year plus now, and frankly, haven’t looked back.  I think it’s reasonably priced and the low number of processed food (and in general, items) keep us eating cleaner.  So, here are the things I’m currently loving there.  Oh, and one more thing I like about trader joe’s – they have a small area where they advertise new items each week.  I love checking out that section every week, which also means that this post will be recurring as I have more favorite finds.

1. Organic mango lemonade – Sooo freaking good.  I do find it really sweet so I usually do a 50-50 mixture with water.  Over 4th of July weekend, I made sangria out of it and it came out great.  It’s unnecessary sugar so I try not to have it at home too much, but this one is a winner (just like most of the tj’s juices)

mango lemonade

2. Trader Joe’s sliced Hallumi Cheese – I was so excited when I noticed this TJ’s new item.  Hallumi cheese is originally from Cyprus and is pretty prevelent in the middle east where I grew up.  In the states, my mom always searched for a substitute since she couldn’t find the real thing.  Fast forward to about 2 years ago, I found some legit Hallumi at Whole Foods.  At freaking $15 a pop.  So it became a delicacy at my house, something we would have every few months.  At TJ’s the same block, same quality, it $5.  Still a little pricy for a weekly purchase, but less guilt when I can’t resist 🙂

3. Japanese Style Fried Rice – TJs has great prepared food selection.  We try not to buy much processed food, but everything we’ve tried has tasted really great.  Even my food-snob of a step father in law (I mean that in a good way!) was impressed by their frozen flatbread one time.  But this fried rice is the bomb.  We like to make this with some protein and often have one of these stashed in the freezer for a last minute meal.

fried rice

4. Any of their cereals – Another place you can’t go wrong.  Their granolas taste great, and we usualy mix that in with their Honey  O’s.

5. Corn and Wheat tortillas – Wow.  Just wow.  I had these last night for the first time.  J had them before and made sure to get some for our carnitas (recipe to come!).  They are a perfect mix of corn tortillas and whole wheat ones.  They are a little more robust than your typical corn tortillas but still have that great corn taste.

Alright guys – I am not running out of goods, but definitely out of time.  Like I said, I’ll be doing this every so often to keep track of my new (and old) favorites.

shop on
– shirley

Picture credit: juice, tortillas, and fried rice from traderjoes.com


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