csa roundup: week 11

As sharon said, it’s been a busy couple weeks in our households.  We’re loving the gorgeous weather we (finally) got.  Weekends away and late nights compounded with a couple of insane weeks at work (ugh) meant that thinking outside the box and experimenting in the kitchen took a back seat.  It’s alright, it’s a new week and I’m excited to cook.

csa wk 11

This week, my share was LOADED!

2 ears sweet corn
1 bunch orange carrots
1 head green cabbage
3 red tomatoes
2 red beets
1 ear garlic
1 bag mexican sour gherkins

Ok.  Before you scroll down and see the picture – Bonus points if you know what mexican sour gherkins are.  I was really excited when I saw these.  They look like mini watermelons (for reals, cutest thing ever) and taste like cucumbers.  Go figure.  When I first was introduced to them last year, I literally entered “mini watermelons that taste like cucumbers” into Google to figure out what they’re called.  They are super crispy and taste great in a salad, so that’s my plan for them.  Although they are supposed to pickle really well too.

My original plan still holds with the carrots.

The corn will probably go into a salad or fried rice (I think I’m getting tired of the corn and hamburger summer combo).

I am excited to make a caprese salad and salsa using the tomatoes.  And I’m looking forward to adding another very fresh ingredient to that salsa – the garlic.

I am not so sure about the beets yet, I’ll definitely be looking for some inspiration.

The cabbage!  J and I eat fish tacos like nobody’s business. It’s another mexican dish I had to perfect quickly.  In recent weeks, the fish tacos have taken a back seat to the loaded nachos.  So, the cabbage is a great reason to get back to fish taco-ing.  Although I’ll be looking for other ways to use the cabbage.  I saw online that you can put cabbage “Steaks” in the oven for a bit, with salt and pepper and it comes out great, so maybe I’ll do something simple like that.

As for last week, for the “bad” – the purple potatoes and squash are still awaiting cooking – I am set on making a gratin with them this week.  The carrots got spongy and I threw them out unfortunately.  The tomatoes were so tasty and are so versatile.  I think some went into a panini with avocado and cheese and some into a refreshing salad.  And the kale.  Definitely another success.  I sauted the kale and then made pesto and kale stuffed chicken breasts.  Came out great!

csa wk11 cali

Veggie on
– shirley


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