favorite finds

1. The other day, K and I watched an awesome episode of Chopped.  It was the teen episode!  So cool.  And so inspiring.  These high-schoolers were tackling the mystery baskets and cooking dishes better than most of the trained chefs that you see on other episodes.  If anyone can find the link to the full episode, leave a comment, please!

2. I finally made it out to my first Phillies game of the season!  Even though we were literally at the highest seat of the highest section, it was a beautiful day and still a great night out.  Not quite like a night in Fenway Park, but I could learn to love it.

3. I’m currently obsessed with these oreo ice cream sandwiches.  How cute are these?

4. Can we take a moment and talk about Max Brenner?  You don’t even have to walk 2 feet into the restaurants and be completely intoxicated by the smell of chocolate.  And those fountains of chocolate that they have everywhere?  I want to take a page from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and go swimming in them.

Ok, I’m done.

But I honestly wish I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there every day of my life.

– Sharon


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