csa roundup: week 12

csa wk 12
Happy Sunday everyone!  To say that last week was crazy would be an understatement.  The only upside is that I wrapped things up on Friday afternoon at work and headed straight up to the mountains.  Even though we got a decent amount of rain, the skies cleared up pretty quickly after the storms and we were able to enjoy some beautiful times out on the lake.  Now, I’m back home, mentally preparing for the week to come.  If only I could spend more time on the lake or outdoors with my friends and family.

I promised that I would get back on board with cooking when I posted about last week’s share and I think I was successful:

The tomatoes were used in a couple things – salsa and J’s homemade (totally from scratch) chili.

The cabbage was huge and I’ve still got about half of it to use this week.  I used a bit of it for fish tacos and sautéed some cabbage “steaks” with salt and pepper as a side to a meal.  I was a bit apprehensive when I saw this online, but it’s as simple as it sounds and came out really great!

The beets and carrots were a winner! I sautéed them together as a side to dinner.  I’ll be posting a recipe because it was a hit!

The garlic got used all around and I couldn’t believe how fast it disappeared.

And the corn and gherkins are still in the fridge, I’m thinking of making some sort of soup with the corn and pickling the gherkins.

It was another heavy basket this week.  An added bonus of the share is that as summer continues and farmers have a plathora of fruit, we get some in our share.  And other bonus that you’ll see in there are the hot peppers.  They are from one of my coworker’s gardens and I’m excited to use them this week too!  Here’s the roundup:

1 bag red tomatoes
1 bag rainbow carrots
1 bunch lemon basil
4 green pattypan squash
1 bag red roma tomatoes
1 heirloom cantaloupe

I’m excited about the abundance of tomatoes!  They will be used for some home made tomato sauce (the peppers are going to be perfect in there too!).

The carrots are very colorful and a honey or maple saute with them will look beautiful.

I’m thinking of going back to the stuffed pattypan squash since they were very tasty and I thought more successful than other uses.

While I welcomed more fresh basil, I am not used to lemon basil.  I can see it pairing really well with tomato sauce or even a white sauce with garlic pasta.

And the cantaloupe will likely be cut up and kept in a bowl in the fridge for snacking or pairing with breakfast.  I love having some sort of fruit in the fridge for this – usually it’s strawberries – so we’ll be welcoming the change.

csa wk12_2

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and here’s to (hopefully) a quiet week

Veggie on
– shirley


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