csa roundup: week 13

csa wk13

You guys know I love my csa. I found out something new and exciting about it today.  They offer bulk Roma tomatoes for purchase!  20 pounds of tomatoes!  Sharon and I are up for it and will be making a big big batch of tomato sauce with this.  I am excited to have the ability to freeze the sauce and use it all winter long.  No more canned tomatoes for us! And we’ll definitely be posting the tomato sauce recipe on here, it’s a family favorite for pastas, enchiladas, and pizza.

As for the normal share this week, I got

1 watermelon
1 bag roma tomatoes
1 pink red grape tomatoes
5 ears sweet corn
1 head cabbage
1 bunch curly parsley
1 bag orange carrots

First and foremost, if you read this blog here and there, you’ve seen pictures of my cat on here.  I’m pretty sure our cat, Cali, was a dog in another life.  Or maybe she just wants to be a dog in this life.  I swear if I let her, she would eat human food only.  Her current favorite – pita chips.  I’m serious.  I turned away from the table as I was taking this pictures and found her eating parsley.  I guess it’s better than the time she decided to eat green onions. Ew.

csa wk13 cali

Anywho…..I am thinking of making a fresh salad with the corn and grape tomatoes.

The watermelon will get cut up and eaten as a snack or end up in a smoothie.  I love having fresh fruit at home for this during the summertime.

I will probably use the roma tomatoes to make another batch of tomato sauce.

While I’m not a big fan of parsley, it will make a great garnish to a dish or be used in some fresh salsa.

Last week was another busy week for utilizing the share veggies in our meals.  I made fried rice using the carrots and some corn that was left over from the week before.

I was going to stuff the squash with spinach and sausage, since that was so tasty last time.  But, I realized that the squash were fairly small and not very…um…stuffable.  So, I improvised!  Instead I used the same flavors in a stir fry of sorts.  It was cubed squash, sausage, spinach, and bacon (bacon makes everything taste better).  I was feeling lazy and unfortunately didn’t photograph this, which is unfortunate becuase it came out so great.  Next time.

The red tomatoes and roma tomatoes became tomato sauce that’s ready for me to use for dinner.  The lemon basil was incredibly fragrant, and I added that to the sauce as well.

Lastly, and sadly, I came home on Monday to find the cantaloup had started to go rotten.  I can’t believe it happened so quickly.  I guess that’s fresh and organic for ya!


2 thoughts on “csa roundup: week 13

  1. Nicole has a wonderful recipe for corn, tomatoes and diced avocado, dressed with a simple lime juice based dressing. Mmmm. And, I am so jealous about the tomatoes! Good idea to make lots of tomato sauce and freeze for later. Freezes beautifully. Have you made tomato soup yet? I’ve been looking for a good recipe.
    Hugs and mangia, mangia ;-)….

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