about us

Hi!  We’re Shirley and Sharon and this is our foodyventure!  We grew up eating amazing food from all over the world thanks to our Mediterranean Mom and South American Dad.  They loved cooking and that love for food did not skip a generation.

Shirley will always be the spontaneous chef, who loves to whip up something she tasted on her latest adventure abroad.  Measuring spoons are not allowed in her kitchen.  Exotic dishes, full of fresh organic ingredients is what Shirley serves up.

Sharon, on the other hand, takes a methodical approach to cooking. One teaspoon means one teaspoon in her kitchen, no substitutions allowed.  Traditional dishes, fun drinks, and every decadent dessert imaginable is what Sharon serves up.

Shirley and Sharon make their meals on opposite sides of the country.  Shirley is joined by her other half J and son A in California, and Sharon is joined by her other half K in Pennsylvania.  Although they are thousands of miles apart, their love of food keeps them feeling like just a couple minutes apart.  They will be documenting their foodyventures, full of food, fun and family, here.  Come join the ride!


2 thoughts on “about us

  1. Love it! Good luck and have fun doing the blog. You are right – you can’t just have one latkes…
    Love you both,

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