favorite finds

1.  First and foremost… WE. HAVE. TOMATOES!  K and I planted some tomato seeds back in early June, and after almost giving up, I got a text at work: “you have a tomato growing.”  I may have squealed in front of everyone I was so excited.  They are growing every day and I cannot wait until they are ready to pick!

2.  K’s birthday is on Friday.  I have the best birthday cake idea in mind for him.  Something small and simple.  But it will be rich and tasty!  I can’t wait to prepare it and post it here!

3.  Lava Cakes are my favorite.  So when I saw this recipe, I freaked out a little bit.  I mean, look at it.  Hot gooey cookie.  Melty vanilla ice cream.  Individual serving.  This on a plate and an episode of real housewives and I’m a happy girl.


4.  The most important event this week was that K and I had our Fantasy Football draft!  Earlier that day, we went to the Eagles open practice, so by the time of the draft, I couldn’t wait to start picking.  The best part?!  TOMMY BRADY at QB, Danny Amendola at WR.  Love it.

5.  You didn’t think I was going to go through this week’s favorite finds without at least once mentioning the *NSYNC reunion, did you?  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I am going to be completely honest – Shirley and I were 100% Backstreet Boys fanatics when we were kids.  But who started singing “bye bye bye” to the TV and had the biggest grin on her face all Sunday night after the performance?!  This girl.

– Sharon


favorite finds

1.  Would you believe me if I told you that I had olive bread for the first time yesterday?  K and I were at Whole Foods this weekend with the intention of getting some fresh ciabatta bread.  We just made another fresh batch of pesto, and wanted to make some pesto bread with it.  On our way through the bakery, K found some fresh olive bread.  I figured we’d give it a shot.  YUM!  So delicious, and meshed great with the pesto and mozzarella.  This may become a regular in this household.

2.  Anyone else completely obsessed with the commercials on these days?  I roll on the floor laughing whenever I hear a new AT&T commercial – the ones with the roundtable, the guy in the suit, and the adorable children.  I recite what the kids say on a daily basis.  And this commercial?  I may be the only person that REWINDS the commercials.

3.  This post from Chasing Delicious about the “Life of a Food Blogger”.  This post had me cracking up and saying “mhm!” a lot.  But Shirley and I are still foodie blog newbies, and some of those items had me cringing! – if I ever run the dishwasher more than once a day, it’s time for an intervention.

4.  Let’s talk about Zumba for a minute.  I’ve been doing Zumba for about 4 years at this point, and I love it.  Unlike Shirley, who can wake up at 6am and run 6 miles, I have to drag myself to the gym.  And I complain the entire time I’m there.  So Zumba has been a great outlet for me.  It’s fun, easy, and I get a great workout in.  If you’re looking for some cardio without the boredom of spending 30 minutes on the treadmill, I highly suggest it.  No dancing experience or coordination necessary!  Trust me, I have 2 left feet.  If I can do it, so can you.

5.  Speaking of Zumba, we’ve recently started a dance for this new song.  Love it love it love it.  We basically do squats during the entire song, so unfortunately, my thighs say otherwise!  If you’re interested in the routine, here it is!

– happy hump day! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

favorite finds

1. The other day, K and I watched an awesome episode of Chopped.  It was the teen episode!  So cool.  And so inspiring.  These high-schoolers were tackling the mystery baskets and cooking dishes better than most of the trained chefs that you see on other episodes.  If anyone can find the link to the full episode, leave a comment, please!

2. I finally made it out to my first Phillies game of the season!  Even though we were literally at the highest seat of the highest section, it was a beautiful day and still a great night out.  Not quite like a night in Fenway Park, but I could learn to love it.

3. I’m currently obsessed with these oreo ice cream sandwiches.  How cute are these?

4. Can we take a moment and talk about Max Brenner?  You don’t even have to walk 2 feet into the restaurants and be completely intoxicated by the smell of chocolate.  And those fountains of chocolate that they have everywhere?  I want to take a page from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and go swimming in them.

Ok, I’m done.

But I honestly wish I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there every day of my life.

– Sharon

favorite finds: trader joe’s

I think I’ve mentioned it before.  I’m a trader joe’s snob.  We’ve been doing our weekly grocery shopping there for a year plus now, and frankly, haven’t looked back.  I think it’s reasonably priced and the low number of processed food (and in general, items) keep us eating cleaner.  So, here are the things I’m currently loving there.  Oh, and one more thing I like about trader joe’s – they have a small area where they advertise new items each week.  I love checking out that section every week, which also means that this post will be recurring as I have more favorite finds.

1. Organic mango lemonade – Sooo freaking good.  I do find it really sweet so I usually do a 50-50 mixture with water.  Over 4th of July weekend, I made sangria out of it and it came out great.  It’s unnecessary sugar so I try not to have it at home too much, but this one is a winner (just like most of the tj’s juices)

mango lemonade

2. Trader Joe’s sliced Hallumi Cheese – I was so excited when I noticed this TJ’s new item.  Hallumi cheese is originally from Cyprus and is pretty prevelent in the middle east where I grew up.  In the states, my mom always searched for a substitute since she couldn’t find the real thing.  Fast forward to about 2 years ago, I found some legit Hallumi at Whole Foods.  At freaking $15 a pop.  So it became a delicacy at my house, something we would have every few months.  At TJ’s the same block, same quality, it $5.  Still a little pricy for a weekly purchase, but less guilt when I can’t resist 🙂

3. Japanese Style Fried Rice – TJs has great prepared food selection.  We try not to buy much processed food, but everything we’ve tried has tasted really great.  Even my food-snob of a step father in law (I mean that in a good way!) was impressed by their frozen flatbread one time.  But this fried rice is the bomb.  We like to make this with some protein and often have one of these stashed in the freezer for a last minute meal.

fried rice

4. Any of their cereals – Another place you can’t go wrong.  Their granolas taste great, and we usualy mix that in with their Honey  O’s.

5. Corn and Wheat tortillas – Wow.  Just wow.  I had these last night for the first time.  J had them before and made sure to get some for our carnitas (recipe to come!).  They are a perfect mix of corn tortillas and whole wheat ones.  They are a little more robust than your typical corn tortillas but still have that great corn taste.

Alright guys – I am not running out of goods, but definitely out of time.  Like I said, I’ll be doing this every so often to keep track of my new (and old) favorites.

shop on
– shirley

Picture credit: juice, tortillas, and fried rice from traderjoes.com

favorite finds

1.  Dexter is back!  I dont watch a lot of quality tv.  Typically I watch shows while multitasking (watching the next food network star right now), so the quality is fairly low – I’m definitely not all there.  But Dexter is one of our Sunday night favorites, and although I’m ready for it to pick up a bit, it’s great to have a Sunday night tv show again.

2. Organix macadamia oil conditioner.  I’m definitely a shampoo and conditioner snob.  Only certain brands keep my hair  straight without too much effort.  Effort means time in the morning, which I like to minimize.  This stuff smells great, and I took a chance on it and this stuff is amazing.  And its wayyyy cheaper than the salon stuff I usually buy.  Win.

shampoo Organix

3. Everything at Lululemon.  Sometimes I am not crazy about their style, but their new line is amazing.  I want it all. too bad I can’t justify a $86 long sleeve shirt.

4.  The fact that my sad little garden is growing!  I got a late start this year because I was gone the majority of May. So no vegetables this year.  But, my basil is growing like crazy and I’ll be making basil with it so soon!

5. With being out of town all weekend, we did some general grocery shopping this week and skipped trader joe’s.  I am such a trader joe’s snob because I’m having withdrawals like crazy.  I can’t even eat cereal because the coconut milk we got tastes different. Spoiler alert…a favorite finds: trader joe’s style is coming.

favorite finds

1. California.  With all the rain that we’ve been getting here in the Northeast, it’s got me thinking about how much I miss California.  Shirley’s wedding (ahh!) was in southern California only a few weeks ago.  It was breathtaking – warm weather, friendly people, great food, and so much fun.  Just what this website is all about!  I can’t wait to take a trip down again.

2. Speaking of California!  Shirley introduced me to the California Pizza Kitchen earlier this year.  It’s a great date night restaurant.  K and I like to go there when we’re too lazy to cook, but don’t want to go somewhere fancy.  Even cooler?  They’re having this promotion right now where you get these cards and get at least 10% off of each meal.  Only problem is I think our waiter went a little bit overboard with the cards.  We have 2 weeks to use up 6 cards?!  Settle down, CPK!

3.  Living by the Jersey Shore, K and I have plenty of options for beaches and shore points.  But to be honest, most of them are pretty, well, ehh.  Casinos are not my thing, and neither is sitting on a beach where I feel like I’m a sardine in a sardine can.  My manager at work recommended that I check out his hometown, Avalon.  What a lovely place!  We walked around the quiet town and ate some delicious fresh food.  Then we walked a couple blocks down to the beach and got some sun for a couple hours.  It was just what we needed!

4.  This recipe from How Sweet It Is.  I’ve been looking at this food blog on a daily basis for several years now.  I fee like I bookmark at least one of her recipes every week.  And these sweet potato burgers from her 4th of July rundown post this week was this week’s pick.  Can’t wait to make this.

5.  My nails… again!  With the 4th of July coming up, I had to get into the holiday mood!  I’m officially ready for BBQ and fireworks.

– Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

favorite finds

1.  Saturday morning runs at Peace valley park – 10 months ago, I finally broke through and embraced running (I’ll blog about the experience at some point).  My favorite place to run is on the beach. In California.  It’s just calming and beautiful.  But, since California is 3000 miles away, peace valley will have to do.  It’s a pretty sweet compromise.  I love the view. The people.  The adorable dogs that surround the paths on Saturday morning.  I almost enjoy getting up on Saturday mornings knowing I’m headed there.

2.  William Sonoma soap – My mother in law turned me to these about 2 years ago.  I’m obsessed.  It’s like Bath and Body works for adults.  Plus, I feel so sophisticated when I shop there.

3.  Bright pants – I bought my first pair of bright yellow pants 4 years ago.  I sport them all the time, and thank god that bright pants are “in” now, because I don’t get as many funny looks anymore.  Most people consider mint green or cobalt blue bright.  I’ll stick to neon pink and yellow.  Yes please.

4.  River Monsters on the animal planet.  J and I are obsessed.

5.  I’m jumping on the candy crush bandwagon too.  Especially once I heard Sharon was on board too.  Cannot stop playing.

6.  4th of july is next week.  At first glance, a holiday on a Thursday stinks.  But wait.  This means I have to work 3 days, take one vacation day and get 4 days off? Amazing.

– shirley

ps – I am going to embrace using a camera as we start  this blog.  The last time I bought a camera was 10 years ago.  Good thing J is a great photographer, plus his camera and lenses is worth enough for the both of us.  But anywho, that’s why there’s no pictures here.  I swear I will start carrying a real camera around so I can post (large, pretty) pictures with my posts.